Hello world! Let’s start with my connection with an old School Friend

I just saw The Worlds End. The new Simon Pegg movie and the final movie in the Cornetto Trilogy. The tragic character Simon plays made me wonder about the times I’ve tried to turn back the clock in my life. How many times have we all gone to a reunion or arranged a reunion of old childhood friends, only to realize that Albert Einstein was right about the factor of time being relative to space/ a place/ even a face…

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Well I started Blogging to get my words and pictures out there. I’m not sure what you want to hear or see, so here goes.

This is a picture of me with one of my oldest friends, Scott. We went to school together. We formed secret agencies and gangs consisting of just the two of us, and occasionally one other kid that we could boss about. When we were 12, we’d already mapped out the entire school with all the secret passages and escape routes, so that we could avoid the bullies. We did this on graph paper, to scale… no wonder we were bullied.

Age 14, we started writing …well .. re- writing the comedy sketches performed on Not the Nine O’Clock News, so that we could use them to perform in front of the entire school. The impromptu rehearsals in the playground or in the shower rooms…

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