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This is a forum for your theories about the characters in Doctor Who episodes.


Every season, I tend to get all excited about the way each episode leads up to some kind of massive reveal about one of the companions or even the Doctor himself, at the final episode. I just love to come up with all sorts of possible theories and ideas, and discuss them with a few of my friends.

Previously we’ve had the mystery of River Song revealed, and most recently, we’ve come to realize how Clara Oswald managed to get seemingly reincarnated so often. But it’s the few weeks or months during a season that I really enjoy. The times when we don’t yet know the big reveal, and are coming up with all kinds of possible and implausible outcomes. This, along with lots of other fandom related stuff, it what I hope we can discuss.

gemma & mark1

I’m also an avid supporter of the Blake’s 7 revival.


Al-Capone & 12th Doctor

The 12th Doctor finds himself on Al Capone’s private train, headed for *Spoilers* … It’s up to the Doctor and his trusty Jammie Dodgers to save the day! Will there be enough to go around?


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