Meaningless Drivel and Odd Moments of Insight

Fear & Loathing markyoung

All my life, I have been able to communicate using the Photographic medium. It’s what I do best.

However, for the same length of time, I have been struggling to express myself as a writer and a journalist.

It just doesn’t come as natural to me, you see. Take the time I was working as an intern journalist for the Islington Gazette in North London:

I’d been sent along with my colleague mentor, a plucky young female journalist of whom I was totally in awe. We’d been sent to cover the opening of a new Asian Stir Fry restaurant. Without even thinking what I was doing, I whipped out my little compact camera and started snapping shots.
It was then that she reminded me that I should be writing down my perceptions. Well.. she didn’t quite put it like that. It was more like:”You don’t think like a writer, all you think about is pictures!”

Decades later and I’ve finally started to overcome my writers block. What inspired me? Hunter S. Thompson, legend of Rolling Stone Magazine.

The shot you can see at the top of this page was the beginning of my journey into his mind, where I began to see things like I assume he did.

Yet I won’t pretend to emulate his unique style, many have tried and many have realized the error of their ways. Gonzo journalism is a delicate art form and should not be attempted by the uninitiated. To do so could spell certain disaster. Yet it inspires me to write more freely and so in a sense, it works for me.





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